Nội Gián - The Initiated (2023)
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Nội Gián

The Initiated

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Trạng thái: Full
Số tập: 1
Thời lượng: N/A
Năm: 2023
Ngôn ngữ: Vietsub
Chất lượng: HD
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Vietsub #1

Nội dung phim Nội Gián

Nội Gián The Initiated 2023 Vietsub HD với nội dung chính Based on the novels by Colombian writer Mario Mendoza and on the character of detective Frank Molina, the filming of Los Initiados took place in Bogotá. In the saga of Frank Molina, which uses the books Lady Massacre, La melancolia de los feos, El diario del fin del mundo and Akelarre, the story of an alcoholic private investigator who unmasks sinister plots within the underworld of Bogotá is told.

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